Bumiputera Malaysia

Bumiputera Malaysia

By a Malaysian for his country

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Khir Toyo is right for once

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd. Khir bin Toyo said that the assemblymen in the self-declared "developed" state should be allowed to retain their councillorship, adding that "I hope other assemblymen won’t be dropped from any local council. It would be more difficult if they (state assemblymen) are outside (the council)".

"Selangor is developing and there are many complaints on infrastructure such as on potholes, clogged drains and non functioning streetlights. I just want to say Selangor is different", the evil menteri besar concluded. He is right for once. Selangor is indeed different from other states in Malaysia because:

1) No other state has a true-blue Indonesian as the Menteri Besar. Bahasa Jawa is made the official language in the Office of the Selangor Menteri Besar.

2) No other state government in Malaysia has dared to defy a Royal command.

3) None of the other states have attempted to pull wool over the people's eyes by claiming to be fully developed. How could the state be fully developed when "there are many complaints on infrastructure such as on potholes, clogged drains and non functioning streetlights"?

4) No other state has fudged statistics to back the lie of developed status. And when caught out, to bluff more, to hide the earlier lie. At the same time, the state has some of the "most developed" problems not seen in any other state.

5) No other state menteri besar / chief minister has openly condoned the rape of large tracts of nature's forests and hills and dismissed outrage and concern with "Semuanya OK!".

6) No state has forged the official minutes of meetings to escape court action.

7) No state has openly supported the wrongdoing of corrupt politicians with great zeal as in Selangor.

8) No other state government leader has openly threatened the people of his state with massive retribution when the demolition of a palace built from the ill-gotten gains of his colleague and partner was demanded.

9) No other state takes action against Malaysian squatters while letting those illegals from Indonesia go scot-free.

10) No state other than Selangor has so many Umno politicians with a weakness and partiality for palace-style living and build them illegally with impunity.