Bumiputera Malaysia

Bumiputera Malaysia

By a Malaysian for his country

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Corrupted Islam Hadhari Government of Malaysia

Malaysia's self-declared "developed state" has done it again. The Selangor state is imposing a "social contribution fee" on housing developers. The new requirements also include regulations on Bumiputera lots to be predetermine by the Selangor Land and Housing Authority (LPHS) on the developer’s layout and building plans.

Corruption in Malaysia has reached the highest level, and the Prime Minister is still sleeping

Reacting to this, the Real Estate and Developers Association of Malaysia has this to say: "It is so unfair. Big projects developed by the major developers are exempted from the social contribution fee. The ones who can afford it don’t pay while the ones who can’t have to."

This is Malaysia under the stupid Islam Hadhari government led by the liar and sleepy Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.