Bumiputera Malaysia

Bumiputera Malaysia

By a Malaysian for his country

Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Most developed" local council

After proudly declaring Selangor as the only developed state in the country, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr. Mohd. Khir bin Toyo should also declare Klang Municipal Council (MPK) as the most developed local council in Malaysia.

Why not? Even when Zakaria's issue is still on the highlight, we have another MPK councillor joining the embarassing fracas. MPK councillor Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff’s mansion was also built without getting MPK’s approval.

Illegal house: Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff’s mansion at Kampung Raja Uda, Klang

When asked on what action would be taken, MPK president Abdul Bakir Zin said the councillors would be slapped with the maximum fine (but the houses will not be demolished). Mazlynoor has this to say, "as submitting the construction involved costs, I went ahead with the construction. I will submit the plans after Hari Raya".

Klang residents should emulate both of the MPK councillors when they want to build their new house or develop their land. Why submit the plans for approval when the people's representatives are not doing it? So much for the Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan (leadership by example). Everything will be OK!