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Monday, October 23, 2006

Sleeping again, Mr. Prime Minister?

For sometime now, there have been been rumours saying that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi feel asleep when chairing meetings in Putrajaya. In anyway, we can know for sure that he was sleeping when he talks about this son's Scomi Group of companies.

At his meeting with the former premier Tun Dr. Mahathir in Putrajaya yesterday, the PM denied he favoured his son by giving him lucrative government projects. Perhaps Abdullah really wasn't aware that starting this month, Scomi Marine Bhd would be transporting coal from Indonesia and Australia under a US$50 million contract awarded by TNB in April, just before the start of the PM's problems with Tun Dr. Mahathir.

Ironically, when the tender was called, Scomi was NOT even one of the seven companies short-listed. The 7 were Malaysian Bulk Carrier, Wawasan Bulk Services Sdn Bhd, Duta Marine Sdn Bhd, Malaysian Merchant Marine Bhd, PNSL Bhd, Habib Corporation Bhd and Selayang Shipping Sdn Bhd.

The PM also probably didn't know that you can actually win a contract without bidding for it! Here's how Scomi Marine, the associate company of Scomi Group, the giant corporation owned by his only son, did it:

12 July 2005 - Tender ads appear in the media. Closing date 12 August.
22 Aug 2005 - Technical committee recommends that 5 of the seven bidders be accepted for further evaluation. Wawasan's proposed price is the lowest. Habib is disqualified.
23 Aug 2005 - Opening the second envelope. Habib is back in the running.
7 Oct 2005 - TNB Fuel Board meets to discuss recommendations made by the Commercial Evaluation Committee to award the project to 4 companies. Habib and another company to be dropped unless they matched Wawasan's proposed price.
4 Jan 2006 - TNB Fuel Board decides to award the project to ALL six companies.
28 Feb 2006 - Letter from the Ministry of Finance [the PM is the Minister of Finance, by the way] approving the awarded party as recommended by the TNB Board.
12 April - TNB Fuel issues "Letter of Intent" to ... Scomi Marine Berhad!
25 April 2006 - TNB Fuel receives "Form 13" dated 27 Sept 2005 on change of company name from Habib Corp Bhd to Scomi Marine Bhd.

The three-year contract took effect from October 2006.
Have a nice dream, Pak Lah!