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Bumiputera Malaysia

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No, Pak Lah... you're very wrong

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad in his CNN interview has said that the Malaysian Chinese achieved what they have today because the Government provided them opportunities to be successful. Well, he's not so correct.

A 28-year-old Malaysian Chinese director, Tan Chui Mui was the big winner at the Pusan International Film Festival in South Korea on Friday 21st October 2006, bagging an international movie critics' award and sharing the prize for best new Asian filmmaker. Tan Chui Mui's "Love Conquers All" movie is a love story between a small town girl and a guy whose past catches up with him as she learns that he used to work for gangsters. The movie won the FIPRESCI prize awarded by the International Federation of Film Critics.

A scene from Tan Chui Mui’s debut feature film, Love Conquers All.

Oscar-winning Hungarian director Istvan Szabo, chairman of the New Currents jury, praised 'Love Conquers All' as "a beautiful film using a known cinematic language but in a very, very nice way". The movie was backed by the Hubert Bals Fund of the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Tan said it's difficult to get the Malaysian Government's funding and assistance for Chinese-language films because the Malaysian authorities only classify movies that have 70% or more of their script in the ethnic Malay language as being Malaysian. Tan said she will use the $30,000 (euro 23,742) cash prize to finance her company, Da Huang Pictures, which also produces movies by other directors.

So, Abdullah is very wrong to say that his half-past six Islam Hadhari government provided opportunities to the Malaysian Chinese to be successful. Sleeping again, Pak Lah?