Bumiputera Malaysia

Bumiputera Malaysia

By a Malaysian for his country

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Malaysian authorities are cruel, corrupted and condemned

Local authorities in Malaysia under the weak leadership of the liar Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi are absolutely cruel, corrupted and condemned.

A Chinese temple in Penang was rudely demolished. Hindu temples across the country were demolished. An illegal palace with an observation tower owned by the Klang councillor (and Klang UMNO chairman) remained untouched. Millions of ringgit were wasted to build non-functioning clock towers and ugly artificial plants in towns and cities. The government came up with various transparently-stupid reasons to continue their corrupt and "Malaysia Bodoh" practices.

One of the stupid beautification projects carried out by a Malaysian local authority

Even though the poor Malay residents in Kampung Berembang have nowhere else to go, the local authority (Ampang Jaya Municipal Council - MPAJ) decided to demolish their houses. A stop-work order from the Prime Minister's Office in Putrajaya failed to stop the self-declared developed state of Selangor's Khir Toyo from kicking the people out from their 30-year-old houses. Scores were arrested for trying to protect their houses from being torn down. Homeless mothers and children spent the night without any roof on their heads. CRUEL.

Poor people's houses were burnt and torn down, innocent Malaysian citizens were arrested for trying to protect their homes

Residents performed their prayers by the road-side after the surau in Kg. Berembang was demolished while the children prepares for their examination in the open space.

At the same time, newly-appointed councillors of the Selayang municipal council (MPS) decided to reward themselves by spending RM40,000.00 to have its full board meeting in Awana Resort, Genting Highlands. MPS councillor Datuk Tang See Hang (BN-Rawang) said, "the seminar is beneficial...councillors can brush-up their knowledge on local authority by-laws". Some 50 staff, including heads of departments would be attending the 3-day event and staying at the 40 double deluxe rooms, enjoying 5 meals per day at the hill resort. The entire cost is borne by the taxpayers' money. CORRUPTED.

Despite tonnes of condemnation letters, emails and SMSes, the Malaysian authorities closed their eyes and ears and keep on telling the nation that "no one is above the law" and "semuanya OK!" (everything is OK!). The local authorities in Malaysia were condemned and will continue to be condemned. CONDEMNED!