Bumiputera Malaysia

Bumiputera Malaysia

By a Malaysian for his country

Friday, December 22, 2006

Malaysians suffer in floods, Abdullah goes holiday

Malaysia is hit by monsoon heavy rains, causing massive evacuation of the people in several states. The floods have claimed 6 human lives so far. Ahmad Sarkawi, Marsiah Ahmad and Nor Azahari Nordin drowned. Teh Sook Ching died after hanging on for 24 hours for help to get her to the hospital. Her family members had called various authorities for immediate aid but efforts to reach their home were hampered by shoulder-deep waters. Bodies of M. Mageswari and A. Muniandy were found in a car submerged in waters.

Residents climbing onto a wall to escape the rising flood waters, as household items and debris float out to the front yard from their homes.

A family of 9 members survived for 2 days,
relying on the water from a kettle. Ramachandran said his family managed to climb up to the upper floor of his double-storey house and smashed the windows before asking for help. "My children were crying for food, and many other families also faced the same problem. The rescue team reached here very late." He said that some of the rescue workers also asked for money from the flood victims.

Desperate: Affected residents being evacuated

Shops in the affected areas
ran out of essential goods in panic hoarding. Worried relatives in other parts of Malaysia tried in vain to call their relatives who were trapped in the floods as phone lines went dead.

In these desperate hours, the
sleepy and liar Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi decided to reward himself a 2-week holiday overseas to sleep even more. Over 80,000 Malaysians are suffering now, losing their homes and valuables and the "I am in control" premier is holidaying. So much for his evil and cruel Islam Hadhari government.